Proud to be a #caribbeanblogger


My name is Mylène Colmar.

I was born and I live in Guadeloupe, a beautiful archipelago in the Greater Caribbean. Since 2008, I have been working as a freelance written/web journalist and since 2012, I am also an editorial consultant, at the head of my own company, Plume Caraïbe.

With Jessica Brudey, a Guadeloupean entrepreneur, I co-created The Flamboyant Agency, the publishing house that carries Foodîles, the all #FOOD magazine, in order to highlight the Caribbean culinary world.

I have been blogging since 2007. When I was a student, I ran two blogs: the first one about my impressions and discoveries during my studies in Canada, the second one about my life in Guadeloupe. Then, I ran another one hosted on an international francophone platform, which already had the Greater Caribbean as its subject. It allowed me to make myself known as a Caribbean blogger and to expand my address book internationally.

In February 2015, I decided to launch this new blog, giving it my name. A desire to evolve, to take a step forward, to assert myself completely through more personal writings, but while continuing to talk about my region, because it has always been close to my heart.

Being a general journalist means meeting, exchanging and informing. And it (almost) never stops. The news is so dense, the information to be shared is so diverse…In real life as well as virtually (on the web ?).

The blog, with its endless blank pages, has always seemed to me to be the ideal platform. It allows me to show the entire Greater Caribbean beyond this well-known postcard image, presented all year long.

Stakes, points of view, portraits, inspirations, feedback on news from the Greater Caribbean, but also on my international travels… You will find them all on my blog.

Enjoy reading!

Translation by Axelle Constantin

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