Caribbean Encounters: Catching Théo’s Vibes

The last Caribbean Encounter of this year is not the least! For this interview as light as it is deep, let me introduce you to Théo Vibes. Long time acquaintance of mine, Theo was already for some time among the people I wanted to interview:  I had to make you discover his persona. At 21, He is a young man full of ambitions, full of talent and above all: enterprising. His strong personality and his character make him a very appreciated person by his followers, who are also entertained by his humoristic content. Let’s meet him!

A multi-sided portrait

Known on social networks as Théo Vibes, he identifies at the age of 21 as a humoristic content creator. He is active mainly on Instagram and has a passion for audio-visual both in front of and behind the camera, for movies, music and even cars!

« I’ve done a little bit of everything: radio, a little bit of acting, I even made a stage performance! But the main income is still influence service. »


Theo works  » according to his feelings « , hence the name Theo Vibes. He made his name mainly thanks to his « advice » and « rant » videos because he approaches topics naturally and with authenticity.

« I could shoot a video but if something came up and disturbed my mood, I wouldn’t record the video. Because I know that from the moment I shoot, it won’t be natural. The Vibe is all about that spontaneous aspect. I admit I’m pretty hard to pin down because I don’t talk about myself a lot, and I don’t like to stay on the same concept indefinitely. »


Multi-level versatility


Beyond developing a character to build loyalty in his community, he diversifies his activities: the objective for him is to be versatile. He wears several hats to avoid being put in a box, being known only for one thing.


« I’m an actor, I’m a comedian, I’m a model, I’m all that … »


In addition to working with several formats he addresses several topics, again motivated by his feeling at the moment.

Instead of limiting himself, he deals with subjects that he masters, in particular social relationships, which he has studied personally for several years. His observant side has allowed him to question himself and to push his reflections on the relationships between individuals. He can, however, talk about anything.

« I remember doing a very light-hearted video on racism in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement back in the Floyd case period. It’s true that I can keep some distance from subjects that I’m less comfortable with, subjects that are taboo or that are controversial. But in general there is a certain ease in interacting with people. »

Théo Vibes.
Théo Vibes. Photo : Marlow Saint Vil

A multi-step journey


« I was a very shy child and the classic: I had to get into theater to overcome my timidity! I was very reluctant at first. But it was a great trigger, I had a remarkable ability to memorize texts (one wonders where this ability is today!). »

His career path is therefore launched on a passion. After some time spent in France, he shares on Instagram his first  » rant  » video originally posted on Snapchat. The next day it reached 500 views for about 300 subscribers at the time. On this impulse, he continued to post content.

Naturally at ease in front of the camera, he finds himself in the world of acting and humor.


« And as you do things in front of the camera, you also start to get interested in what’s going on behind the camera, and I’m so excited to get into that too! »


His occupation as a content creator requires him to not only know how to act, but also how to edit, learn the rules, and know how to shoot.

« The more you grow, the more you want to give quality content, to pay attention to positioning, light, color enhancement… »

Moreover, Théo strengthens his acting skills by relying on his own resources. He deepened his knowledge on the subject during a master class with Bruno Henry.

« Let’s say we ask a person with a quiet temperament to play a drug lord! You’ll have to live it, you’ll have to be the character, you’ll have to have the arrogance, the voice, the attitude to grief as a drug lord and so on… and using the body or a set is one thing, but a close-up in front of the camera, it’s you and yourself, that’s different. »

Notoriety? No problem! Théo Vibes is increasingly recognized in the streets, but despite the insecurities that revolve around the notoriety and the uncertain climate in Guadeloupe recently, he remains simply aware of these things without tipping into anxiety. What he can see on social networks prepares him psychologically, he accepts the criticisms and focuses on what is important because he sees things differently due to his faith in God.


Funny questions!

Cereal before or after milk?

Cereal after! People who put them before is because they have money, they put a lot of cereals before and they add the milk so that they can measure it out, but we see you!

Who pays on the first date?

Classic scenario: if I invite, I pay. But actually each person can pay their share after all.

What if you could choose your name?

I would have kept Theo. Simply because knowing the meaning of my first name (which means God in Greek) and my middle name (which means deliverance), both of them are totally in line with what I stand for, with my faith, so it totally fits.

Something you’ve never done but don’t feel like doing either?

Eating insects, that’s for sure! And anything along those lines with animals, like Fort Boyard (a game show with extreme challenges).

Why? (yes, yes, that’s it, that’s the question)

Well because! Because I have to, because I have to give myself the tools, because I want to make a living out of my passion, because Guadeloupe has to move forward, because there are a lot of things to do in Guadeloupe but a lot of people are lazy. This is what I often recommend. As for me, I pray to God. But in general, we must continue to give ourselves the means, to put ourselves in position. Because I want to do great things!

After exchanging a few more words on various subjects, the interview ended on these positive and encouraging notes. We hope that this last Caribbean Encounter will motivate you to take your projects even further, and to start 2022 surfing on the vibe. 😉



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